Meet the Traveling Donkeys
Real Travelers with a love for adventure and real, honest and fair reviews and advice.
About our Project
Donkeys are adorable animals, as well as being reliable and trustworthy. They are synonymous with hard work, independance and a stubborness to point its nose a certain way. 

It was from our own inspiration from donkeys that our project came about. Having traveled the world, both for pleasure and now working online, we have found a great deal of misleading and frankly useless information from large travel websites. After numerous experiences where "the picture didn't match the real thing", we wanted to inform fellow travelers of our observations and bring to light factual and useful information. 

More recently, with our extensive knowledge and fair and honest assessments, we want to inspire other independant travelers, and those who wish to work in different locations, to enjoy and make the most of their time in that place. With this in mind comes Traveling Donkeys, a place where you can find real and trustworthy information to make your journey pleasurable.

About Us
We are a couple currently living in Austin, Texas who love to travel and experience the world. Our observant and honest approach to life has driven our desire to produce this website, along with our sister website,

We used to work in career-oriented jobs in places such as the USA, Russia and Australia. Knowing in our heart that experiencing the world is a must in our lives, we decided to quit our jobs and work online. 

Inspiring others and collaborating with them is one of our goals, as well as to bring accurate, reliable and real information to the world of travel.
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