Hilton Garden Inn Henderson (Las Vegas)

Dennis Rettke
August 26, 2017

Hilton Garden Inn, Las Vegas/Henderson

1340 W Warm Springs Road, Henderson 
United States

Star Rating:
Average rate for Standard Room for 1 Night:
$109 per night ($106 for Hilton Honors members), plus 13% tax

What we liked:
 - Clean and cosy rooms
 - Friendly, competent and non-intrusive staff
 - Great lobby area with a nice vibe and lots of seating areas
 - Easy access from the freeway without being right next to it
 - Small but functional business center in a closed off room
 - No resort fee
 - Quality coffee, tea, fruit and cookies available 24/7 in the lobby!

What we didn't like:
 - Most parking at the big Vegas resorts is paid now, so a "trip to the strip" is less convenient.
 - No complimentary breakfast

Donkeys' Rating:
How did we end up here?!

A stay in Las Vegas was on the cards for us. But it wasn't really a leisure trip as we were attending the Virtuoso Travel Week event held at the Aria and Bellagio resort complexes on the strip. We were scheduled to attend one of the seven days of the event and therefore needed at least two nights in Vegas. 

Upon checking the room rates for the hotels where the event was held, we found them to be extraordinarily expensive, especially for the Saturday night! Not only that, but we found out that most of the resorts, especially along the strip, are now charging a "Resort Fee" and it's usually around $25-$40 per night (plus tax....) EXTRA! What a money grab honestly. When I called Aria to ask what the resort fee is for, they told me it was because guests use the resort facilities such as the pool and Wi-Fi. Really? Firstly, Wi-Fi can be used for free by anyone who walks into those resorts (we connected to many different resorts' Wi-Fi during our time there - including Aria). As for the rest, isn't the $250 per night enough to cover staying at the resort, more than just the room? Oh, and then there is the parking fee - another $20 per day on average depending on the hotel. You can see our frustration as we saw the price adding up, especially as we were there for an event and not to lay by the pool all day.
Because we had a car, we decided to search outside the main area and came across the Hilton Garden Inn, in Henderson which is about 20 minutes drive from the main action area on the Vegas strip. The hotel looked professional and attractive and had positive reviews, with an international vibe, business centre, well set-out rooms, and NO resort or parking fee! With a reasonable price and the fact we wanted to try out this chain, we booked ourselves in.

The Hotel

Located on a moderately busy street (but not a highway), the hotel has plenty of parking onsite accessible by the side street. We had a great feeling as we entered the lobby. It was quietly busy without being crowded. It was modern and yet had familiar touches in comfy seating sofas and chairs located in an area that looked like a lounge or reading room. There was also a table with freshly brewed quality coffee, tea with many flavours, lemon water, along with cookies and fruits! It was a nice welcoming touch. On the left was a restaurant in a cafe style. There was a menu displayed at the entrance and showed the restaurant served breakfast dishes and uncomplicated food like salads, wraps/burgers and smoothies (see photo).

  1. Hilton Garden Inn Henderson Lobby entrance
  2. Table of goodies
  3. Restaurant entrance
If you wanted to do business things, the hotel contains a business centre in a separate, closed-off room. Inside are two work desks, each with a computer, and one smaller table with stationary equipment including a hole punch, stapler, scissors, sticky tape and extra paper. On the one hand, it was very nice that it was there with lots of equipment and stationery to use. Also, the fact that it was in an enclosed room provided a peaceful and productive workplace. One thing we felt was missing was an area for our own laptop. Sometimes we like to work in separate areas if one of us needs some quiet/space in the room. To be able to use the laptop downstairs is VERY handy and feels productive too. We managed to still clear some desk space but it would be ideal to have a spare working desk without a computer on it. The lounges in the lobby area are a great alternative. They are also separated into a quieter space, but we did not find any convenient electrical sockets so battery is a must if you want to use your laptop there. 
  1. Hilton Garden Inn Henderson Business Center
  2. Business Center Hilton Garden Inn Henderson
  3. Stationery
The hotel also has a fitness centre and a pool. On this occasion, we did not use them as we were exhausted. But it is something we would normally take advantage of and from our overview, they looked well equipped and in good order. 

For more detailed information regarding all Hilton Garden Inn's amenities,  follow this link to their services page .
The Rooms

After scanning the lobby and common areas, we went to the check-in desk and was met by a lively and energetic man who smiled and welcomed us warmly. It was only 1:30pm and as the check-in time was 3:00pm, we were not expecting to be able to get our room just yet. However, the sprightly gentleman breezily checked us in and gave us our room key. He had a great sense of humour combined with professionalism and also detailed all the facilities available at the hotel.

  1. Hilton Garden Inn Reception Desk
  2. King Bed
  3. Room space
  4. Room space
The room had all the features in it we like - it was spacious, tastefully decorated and not overfull. The air conditioner was easy to use and cooled the room evenly. Meaning it did not blow cold air directly on us, while also keeping the room at a comfortable temperature in every space. We appreciated all the charging points in different parts of the room and the large work table for our laptops.

Lighting was also thoughtful, being in lots of different locations in the room as well as having a pleasant tone. The other amenities were very useful for us too - from the Keurig coffee machine and microwave to the small fridge and the two water bottles. These were very handy to us as we had been on the road for three days from Texas and we were also in Vegas on a business trip, so didn't feel like going out to restaurants. 

The bed was comfortable in both softness and size and the pillows helped us have a good sleep. Even the fact that the floor was carpeted in a nice, cosy material gave us additional comfort that we needed after the days on the road.

The bathroom, along with the rest of the room, was extremely clean and we enjoyed the good quality products Hilton provides for their guests. The shower was strong and hot.
  1. Keurig coffee machine
  2. Microwave
  3. Complimentary water bottles
  4. Standard room bathroom
  5. Shower head
  6. Amenities from Neutrogena
  7. Amenities from Neutrogena
Where it is and What's Around

The Hilton Garden Inn is located in Henderson, to the south-east of the Las Vegas strip/downtown. Approaching from the East, we found it quickly with GPS. Once you approach the Las Vegas city area on Interstate 515, take the exit for W Warm Springs road and travel West for about 2 minutes. If you're driving from the north-west (or downtown Las Vegas) on I-515, take exit 64A to Sunset Road traveling West, then left on Marks street before turning right onto W Warm Springs road and you're there.

Within walking distance of the hotel, you will find the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, as well as some eateries and cafes like Starbucks across the road. There's also a few shopping malls nearby if you need to do shopping. For food shopping, we personally like Trader Joe's so if you are looking for one of them, there is one 3 miles away (10 minutes drive).

You would struggle to stay here without a car so we don't recommend it if you arrive by air and are reluctant to spend money on taxis or Uber/Lyft. The public transport system in Las Vegas is not well developed and is pretty much useless for tourists. In terms of quietness, the busy road quietens down during the night. Plus the windows are well insulated so traffic disturbance is minimal. 

If you do need to head to the Strip, parking at the Venetian and the Palazzo is still free (for now!). Otherwise, be prepared to pay upwards of $25 a day for self parking. One of the cheapest self parking is available at Monte Carlo, where it costs $10 for 4-24 hours
  1. View from the window
  2. View from the window
  3. View from the window
  4. View from the window
The Stay Experience

From the moment we stepped in, we felt welcomed and "at home". Traveling a lot gives us clarity and helps to clearly distinguish what matters to us. On this occasion, we got exactly what we wanted to get out of our stay. Clean, cozy, spacious room with comforts such as pleasant lighting, quality bathroom, carpet, AC, working space, Wi-Fi, clear and open space (i.e. we could walk and have a "free" feeling in the room). 

We also very much liked the lobby area because
1) it had a great vibe of travelers, comfort and style;
2) lots of sitting areas;
3) lovely tea, coffee, fruit and cookie options!;
4) a busy feeling without being crowded and staff in control and maintaining that ambiance.

Our check in was smooth, early and uplifting as the staff member clearly enjoyed his work and was genuinely happy to welcome us. He didn't make it feel like a problem or that we owed anything for the fact that we checked in early. Other staff we encountered in the lifts/hallways as well as different members of staff at the lobby during various times were all very friendly, with sincerity and not forcefulness - which we value very much!

Although breakfast is not included in the room rate, there are options available in the hotel and nearby area. The fact that the room has a fantastic coffee machine, refrigerator and microwave, and that tea, coffee, fruits and cookies are available any time downstairs enables you to have breakfast in your room too.

We highly recommend this hotel for those staying in Las Vegas who need to attend meetings, conferences or other events and have use of a car. It would also be excellent for those passing through and looking to stay a night or two. If you need to be near the Strip and don't have a car, want to enjoy the "Las Vegas atmosphere" at all hours, or have a higher budget and willing to absorb the resort fees, than this hotel will not be for you. 

It was a great introduction to the Hilton Garden Inn brand and we had a comfortable, restful stay, while still being able to continue our day and journey in the manner in which we wanted to.