The place you call home on the road should be a haven of comfort and relaxation. A PLACE you can feel at home and be able to do the activities you want. What do YOU think is important for such a place? It starts with the basics, such as a good quality bed, a pillow that suits you, a clean and good size bathroom, as well as the room itself.

What that place has to offer guests is also a consideration. And here I am not talking about how many restaurants there are or what scenery they portray in the photos. We are talking about how the PLACE MAKES YOU FEEL. Is it QUIET (i.e. did you get a good sleep)? Do they have ACCESS to facilities you need, such as reliable Wi-Fi or a pool (i.e. you got work done or were able to relax)? Where is it located in the CONTEXT of the area you are visiting (i.e. is it at the beach, or do you have to walk past a construction site and a busy road to get to the beach)?

Essentially, does it INSPIRE you to accomplish what you came there for? These sometimes forgotten things are what will make the difference between feeling disappointed and feeling good when you check out.
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